What We Do

Adventures are found in the everyday life of teaching a child or a friend how to identify mushrooms or which birds are native to the area. We love to explore with our family and spread that excitement to others. If we are lucky, we’ll get the opportunity to travel to another state or even travel abroad. Although those are exciting trips, we are also happy to chronicle the the adventures in our every day exploration as we learn something new about nature and the beautiful world around us.

We live in the Midwest, on 10 acres of land, sandwiched between two subdivisions. We enjoy having the freedom to build trails, forts, and tepees on the property, but we also appreciate being close enough to town to make a 4 minute run to the grocery store. We have 7 children ranging from teenagers to newborn. We have found that the activities everyone can enjoy and agree on are centered around exploring, hiking, and camping either on our property or in the boondocks on federal land. Here is our story of the joy we have found wherever we are: the story of Wild Things Adventure.