7 Handcrafts for Cabin Fever

by | Jan 19, 2019

Here in the Midwest, we’re being pummeled with snowstorm after snowstorm. It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything but white on the ground and it doesn’t appear to be leaving any time soon. But it’s beautiful and cozy, so I’m not complaining! (post contains affiliate links)


Beautiful and cozy as it is, cabin fever is real. Add in a gang of antsy kids and we could all use a little help! I’ve gathered a few handcraft ideas to help you make it through, with everyone’s sanity intact.


1. These Reusable Totes are so cute! They’re a simple little project that gives you a super useful product! It’s a great way to use up smaller bits of fabric. Surely I’m not the only one who stock piles cute fat quarters.


2. Learn to knit! We love snuggling in by the fire with tea and yarn. This is a very slow, super beginner video, if you’re not already a knitter. It’s pretty good for kids, because she goes so slowly and starts from a point of the student being a very beginner. Kids can start learning to knit when they’re about five. My bigger girls knit pretty well and my five year old is getting better each day.


3. This is also a fun chance to learn to embroider! There are tons of gorgeous patterns on etsy and even groups to join to help you learn!


4. Make a winter nature journal! These are fun and easy to make and then the kids can spend time filling them out – even from inside the house!

5. Playdough is always a fun indoor activity! These fortune cookies are super cute! I can only imagine the crazy fortures my kids would come up with. Or try your hand at making real fortune cookies. I’ve never tried this, but I’m sure tempted now.


6. Even if it seems like the sun may never come out again, these sun-catchers might bring us hope!


7. We love to bake! And eat. We always have copious amounts of bread and brownies and cupcakes around when it’s cold and dreary out.


What’s your family’s favorite way to spend a snowy day? After the snowball fight is over, of course!

seven handcrafts to beat cabin fever

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