Holiday Gift Guide: Spotlight on The Catholic Woodworker

For today’s spotlight, we have The Catholic Woodworker, Spiritual Weapons built for battle. Jonathon makes these sweet, perfectly sized little prayer sets, beautiful rosaries, and gorgeous pocket crosses.

My husband recently switched jobs and brought home all that he’d collected on his previous office desk. When I showed him this little prayer sat, he said it was perfect desk size and that he’d had a beautiful funeral card on his desk for years, but no good way to display it – this is the solution!

This little prayer set is the perfect manly gift or small stocking stuffer for the guy who has everything. It comes with a couple holy cards, but obviously any holy card with fit perfectly.

The Catholic Woodworker also carries pocket crosses and beautiful rosaries!

You can find The Catholic Woodworker on Instagram and Facebook @TheCatholicWoodworker

The Catholic Woodworker is offering 20% off designer and custom rosaries with code Rosary20 .


Spotlight On_The Catholic Woodworker

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