Holiday Spotlight: Sicut Cervus

by | Nov 16, 2018


Today’s holiday spotlights comes from my long time friend Jamie! Jamie is a sweet mama to eight and has always been a talented artist. Somehow, in her early years of mama-hood, her pencils and paper and clay got figuratively lost in the shuffle of life.

I’m so glad she’s picked it all back up again and is finding time to get back to her creativity. She is currently stocking her shop with the most adorable little clay figurines. I don’t think photos do justice to the detail Jamie has put into these creations.


I love what Jamie has to say about the joy and peace found in creating:

There is joy, great joy, in the vocation of motherhood, but I couldn’t see it because I’d lost touch with what really fed my spirit. I needed to create again for the good of my family. So, despite the craziness of daily life (or maybe BECAUSE of it) making time to create beauty brings some peace to our crazy home.

She sent me the most charming St Nicholas for this review, but she says she also loves to do custom work, so don’t hesitate to approach her with an idea!

I love St. Nick’s little bag! The detail and features are so charming.


You can find Jamie and all of her creations at Sicut Cervus on etsy or @sicutcervus on Facebook.

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