2018 Holiday Gift Guide – Creative Play

by | Nov 5, 2018

Open ended, creative play is so important for our little ones. Play is a child’s work! It is how he learns about the world around him and sets a firm foundation for book learning later on in life. I love to see little ones playing and using their imaginations. Here are a few open ended, imagination nurturing toy ideas. (This post contains affiliate links)
Handmade whimsical play sets to spark childhood imagination, designed using Waldorf-inspired principles to enhance open-ended play. Available in complete play sets and stand-alone items, Lobsters & Lollipops toy collections focus on popular children’s themes including Fairies, Unicorns, and Mermaids.
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This is actually my own shop, featuring Adventure Bags, Adventure Logs, and other items aimed at getting the kids outside and finding adventure, everyday!
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Gorgeous hand dyed play silks
We received one of these create your own peg sets and my girls were so enamored! It had everything they needed to create delightful pegs.
Sarah’s Silks
I’ve always thought these Wavee Boards are so cute and I’ve wondered a bit if they’d be good for Blaise’s foot and ankle strength. And that’s how it landed on this list!
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Slack Line – This is something we’ve had for a few years and always gets used. Visiting kids jump on to give it a try or our girls experiment on it while their daddy works outside. It’s been a hit.

Trampoline – I know people have conflicting opinions on this one, but we love our trampoline. I remember when my parents bought one for us, growing up, and they still have it today. We got one for our  kids last year and it sees almost daily use. It’s also a hit with visitors.

A number of these items come from beautiful shops on Etsy. Remember that Etsy has a 2.5% cash back on order made through your Ibotta app!
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