Best Cocktails from the Back Yard

Just a quick post, because we love this book SO MUCH! It’s been such fun to browse, learn, and create the cocktails.

Gift giving (or receiving) is not my love language and because of this, I kind of stink at it. I’m just not very creative or thoughtful in this regard, even though I want to be!

But this book actually went over really well! I got it for Andrew to Father’s Day and it seemed to hit a number of his interests – outdoors, nature hikes, and drinking!

It is called The Wildcrafted Cocktail. It’s a book of cocktail, syrup, and infusion recipes using wild foraged ingredients.

We made the mulberry liqueur using mulberries from the yard. It made a beautiful spritzer when we mixed it with club soda!

It’s definitely a book that will take us a long time to work though completely. It’s full of ideas and recipes, some of which have to steep or sit for long periods of time. Also, since it is all foraged ingredients, you can only get them at certain times of the year!

I’ll be sending the kids out to harvest young walnuts for the nocino (I don’t know what that is!), that goes into the drink called Ducati, soon! I wonder what young walnuts even taste like!

And nettle cordial! It’s hard to choose what to make next.

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