I write, God laughs

Hey, remember this post?  When NFP Doesn’t Work

It pretty much blew up my quiet little corner of the internet.

And did you hear God laughing when I hit the “publish” button? It was uproarious, I am sure.

We speak and God says “Hold My Beer.” If I’m going to send words out into the blogosphere, embracing this wild big family life, surely God will hear my words and up the ante a bit.


It’s been a while since we’ve had a newborn!

I’m sure you can see where this is going. And you’d be correct. After nearly five years of no sweet baby snuggles, long sleepless nights, cloth diapers ,and baby onsies we are overjoyed to welcome a new little one into our fold.

This child will probably be spoiled rotten, but (s)he will never feel unloved or unwanted. The kids, especially, are so so excited.

You know all those arguments you hear for NOT adding to your family?  “We don’t have enough money”  I don’t have enough energy to give them what they need”  “How could I love so many enough?”  Kids don’t see that.  They wouldn’t even think of making an argument such as that.  They only see the joy: the newborn belly laughs, the sweet smelling hair, and the heartbreakingly beautiful smiles.  Where I may see sleepless nights, they only see sweet snuggles.

And so it is.  Sweet newborn snuggles, smiles, and belly laughs will ring through our home again.  The kids are right – it is worth every ounce of sacrifice.  We are over joyed with the blessings we’ve been given.

6 thoughts on “I write, God laughs

  1. YAY YAY YAY! I’m glad the word is out! I’ve been praying hard for you! I remember those tiny kids in the picture on this post…they’ve all grown up so much!

    I went to Walmart this morning with Mila and Lucia, and was asked sooooo many times by former co-workers, “Six kids…Are you DONE now?!” Why oh why does this feel like an appropriate question to ask, but more importantly, I feel a bit sorry for those that have to ask. Big families are the BEST! I could not be more grateful for each and every child I have, on Earth AND in Heaven.


  2. Oh I can’t tell you how much hearing this made my day! Congratulations!!!!! So, so happy for you! And you are absolutely right–my oldest (who is an 11 year old boy–not particularly “baby crazy”) has asked numerous times, “When are we going to have another baby? I can’t wait!” Our youngest is only 15 months, so it isn’t like we don’t HAVE a baby around already. 🙂 IT melts my heart to see all the kids wonder and delights in their little siblings.


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