Creativity on a Sunshine-less Day

by | Apr 6, 2017

Life is messy.  And overwhelming.  Day after day, filled with the same mundane tasks, repeated ad nauseum.  And where on earth is the sun??

That’s depressing.  Life is beautiful, joy-filled, and colorful, to say the least.  Despite the fact that the calendar says April, we have had cold days, filled with clouds and rain for an exhuastingly long stretch of time.  Every mom I know is feeling the strain of the long, dreary days.



We are called to see the beauty in this vocation of motherhood, but it’s certainly never easy.  It’s hard to see the silver linings when the sun refuses to shine.

Creativity is a lifeline for mothers, sometimes.  Creating is a something we can do with a clear cut beginning, middle, and end.  Sometimes, the finished product even stays beautiful and functional.  Unlike that laundry you just washed, folded, and put away, only to find it back in the hamper.  Sometimes even un-worn and still folded.  (And always under a wet towel.  Why children, why?!?)

The other day, after  lovely (albeit cold and damp) hike, I found a tick on one of the girls.  Life can’t just be a happy day.  Nope.  The ticks have to find us.  I find ticks to be really disgusting, but I’m also terrified of Lyme.  A bug that transmits an evil disease by digging it’s head into my kids skin?  I have no words.


But I have fabric!  I whipped up a few cute head scarves for the kids, in hopes to at least keep the ticks off of their heads.  Maybe it is futile, but at least I feel like I’m trying.  And I am exercising my creativity on this otherwise dreary day.

It’s not like the girls will be heading out into the woods today, but I think sunshine is somewhere in the forecast.  We will be out basking in it, heads cutely protected from ticks, as soon as the sun shows her face.

Go find your silver lining.  Your little bit of sunshine, even on the dreary days.  Dust off the sewing machine, pull out the mixer, unearth that sketchbook.  We all have something.  What’s yours?

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  1. Anne Neulieb

    Those are super cute on your beautiful kids!! Well done, mama!

  2. Ooma

    So cute!! I love it when their beautiful faces show up
    So well!


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