Garden Experiments

One of the fun things about growning a garden, is experimenting with fun new vegetables and fruits.  Last year, we grew some fun and beautiful new things.  This year, we have a few new ones to try, as well.


These chioggia beets were delicious and easy to grow, but my favorite part was the surprise when you cut into them.  Beautiful!!


Borage!  Borage is a lovely little purple flower.  I’ve read that it’s a great companion plant for tomatoes, so I planted them together last year.  Everything seemed happy growing together!  The borage flower is edible and slightly sweet and adds a bit of fun to a fresh-from-the-garden salad!

I learned last year that I prefer to grow pole beans – I love the way they look and felt that they produced more than my bush beans last year.  That said, these tongues of fire beans were so fun to grow and will definitely find a place in our garden again this year.

Leeks are something I’ve never grown, but am excited to try this year.  Have you grown them?  I’ll take all the advice I can get!


I planted tons of garlic in the fall.  This is the first year that I’ve actually remembered to plant garlic!  Generally, by fall, I’m ready to hunker down and let the garden winter over.  I can’t wait to the garlic to start showing itself this spring!

What new or different things are your growing in your garden this year?

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Joys of February

I am positively thrilled to see the arrival of February.  It’s a dull, dreary, cold month, for certain.  But its arrival brings us one step closer to my favorite time of year – SPRING!


February is also great, because you can pour over all of those seed catalogs you’ve been hoarding all winter and actually order something!  Dreams are about to come true, folks.  Seed season is here and planting season is soon to follow.  Therein lie the joys of February.


My current seed catalog of choice is the Bakers Creek Whole Seed Catalog.  Its a veritable tome of all things seed.  If you can dream it up, Bakers Creek can put it into your hands.  It’s a gorgeous catalog, chock full of inspirational photography of the most magnigicent gardening variety.

It also has some helpful, straight forward articles to help you along your garden path.  I appreciate an article that is inspiring and encouraging, and these fit the bill.


It’s time to start thinking about running a seed inventory, gathering compost, soil, and tools, and getting ready to get some seeds started.  Tomatoes, peppers, and various nightshades are definitely on my list of seeds to start indoors.  What are yours?