GIVEAWAY! And the magical little seed

As school starts and fall is around the corner, I start dreaming about next years garden.  I know that’s crazy.  This year’s is still going strong!  There’s still time for a fall garden! But as the bush beans and cucumbers fade, visions of seed catalogs dance in my head.

Who doesn’t love the promise of the seed?  It’s the stuff dreams are made of.  A tiny seed, planted months ago is now going gangbusters in my garden and causing late night canning parties in my kitchen!  It really is the gift that keeps on giving.  Even when you want it to stop, so you can sleep!

This year, we planted a few experimental things, simply for the fun of it.  Candy striped beets?  Green beans that are actually purple?  Who could say no?  The beets grew well and were beautiful.  Unfortunately, I was the only one who enjoyed the eating of the beets.


The purple beans added so much fun and visual appeal to veggie platters.  And surprise!  They turn green when cooked!


Hot kitchen days and late nights spent watching the pressure canner are the inevitable result of the January planning and the February indoor planting.  The March tending and the May days spent elbow deep in soil bring us the cucumber abundance that makes our kids beg us, please, can’t we eat a different veggie?


Those hot July days, weeding, are rewarded with cool, salty tomatoes and juicy watermelons.  And aren’t we thankful for the hot canning days when we’re eating homegrown salsa in December?  Those seeds are the miracle that fills our tables.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a starter pack of those wonderful seeds and grow your own abundant garden next season?  You can!  The good folks at Baker Creek Heirloom Seed have donated their curated Seed Collection to one of my readers.  Here’s the deal: for a chance to win: follow me (@sewmanywildthings) on Instagram, for a second entry: follow Baker Creek (@bakercreekseeds) on Instagram, and for a third entry: comment here telling me what YOU dream of planting.  And let me in the comments that you’ve done all these things!  Contest ends Monday and the winner will be announced here!

:::EDITED::: And the winner is EMILY G.!!  Congrats, Emily!  Please contact me with your shipping info, so I can get your seeds to you!

Good Luck and Happy Planting!





8 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! And the magical little seed

  1. Oh man I just love planting EVERYTHING so much (as long as the weeds don’t choke it all out…) – I think next year the kids are most excited to try purple beans again! We planted purple bush beans and the blossoms were so beautiful but then we couldn’t keep up with the weeding and they got choked out.


  2. Done! Thanks for the link to Baker Creek Seeds. I need to plant more wildflowers for the bees and plants with deep taproots to fill the expanded rain-garden. I’m already looking forward to spring! Too bad we have to suffer through winter to get there 🙂


  3. I mostly dream of planting flowers! But boy do we love cucumbers around here and making our own fridge pickles, which means I should plant dill. I want to plant carrots too because I know those would get eaten. And sweet peppers. I’m following you and baker’s seed on IG now.


  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s reading the Fedco catalog again this time of year, when I out to be working on lesson plans. :-/
    I already follow you on IG!
    I started following Baker Creek.
    And I dream of actually succeeding at growing melons. Last year I got two. This year I was so determined to do better, but the cucumber beetles came. I got two melons. Next year is REALLY going to be better, for real. I also dream of growing beets. I used to be indifferent to beets. Our homestead soil is critically deficient in boron, which beets need a lot of. It’s a slow process to bring the boron level up. We’re working on it, but the beets just can’t grow yet. And…of course this year I suddenly decided that I LOVE beets. I want to grow bushels of them. Someday we’ll make it…
    I also adore winter squashes. Due to soil deficiencies and pests, my harvests so far have been moderate, but someday I’ll have the plenties I imagine.
    Great giveaway, thank you!


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