Orange Campfire Muffins

Our Bella has always been a strikingly capable child.  As she’s gotten older, she’s shown her talents in different ways.  One thing she particularly loves, and in which she excels, is cooking.


The girl can bake just about anything.  And, being that she eats a gluten free diet, her baking prowess focuses on gluten free.  I stink at gluten free baking, so she never ceases to impress me.


As we prepared to go camping this weekend, Bella scoured the internet for camp fire cooking inspiration.  She quickly zeroed in on a recipe that created campfire muffins in an orange peel.  She informed me of the ingredients and asked me to grab them from the store before our trip.  I was happy to oblige, because I wanted to eat muffins.


Bella ended up making her orange peel campfire muffins for breakfast on our last day camping and they were so yummy!  She sliced and scooped out eight oranges.


She mixed up a batch of muffins and filled one of the half orange peels with muffin mix and a generous sprinkling of blueberries (which she had picked from our bushes before we left home).


She then replaced the other half of the orange peel and wrapped the entire sphere in tin foil.  The spheres were buried in hot coals to “bake” for about ten minutes.


Amazingly, perfectly baked muffins, with a hint of orange flavor, emerged from each foil wrapped orange peel.  It was incredible.  And delicious.  And easy enough for your eight year old aspiring bakeress to create!



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