Kid Friendly Gardening

I’ve always heard that radishes are one of the best vegetables to grow with kids, but I’ve never actually tried growing them until this year.


They grow super fast and peak out of the soil surface when they’re about ready to be harvested.  We planted these radishes about two and a half weeks ago.  Admittedly, they could have grown a bit longer, but we were impatient!

girls in garden

The girls were thrilled to check the plants and find the little red domes peaking out.  I was standing by with a packet of seeds, so as a radish was popped out of the ground, a new seed was planted in its place.


It’s too bad that radishes don’t taste better than they do!  The girls were eager to take a nibble, but no one was thrilled enough to finish one.


Kateri forgot to clean hers off first.


One thought on “Kid Friendly Gardening

  1. Awww, they are so cute! I don’t like radishes either, though they’re a very pretty vegetable. I think my mom grew them, but not many, because she was the only one who liked them. 🙂


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