Let’s All Just Stop Whining.

Social media is ripe with complaining.  It just seems to breed whine. I have seen so many stay at home mamas complaining about their husbands lately and this is a wifely trait that I’ve never understood.

Slipping in to First Communion at the very last minute, as he’d been working that morning.

I know that the stay at home life isn’t easy.  That’s a given.  You work all day and little people certainly don’t appreciate the clean toilet or the fresh laundry (unless somethings still in the washer…then they notice!), more often than not someone turns his nose at the hot meal you put on the dinner table, and heaven forbid you choose to use the bathroom when he’s just ready to dictate every. single. detail. of the Harry Potter book his is reading.

I think every stay at home mama is jealous of her husband’s job at some point.  We hear about a lunch in a restaurant and NO ONE SPILLED HIS MILK or the coffee with co-workers in which not a one asked him to take him potty.  Oh the joy!


But do we ever stop to think that the reason we can stay home with these sweet, sticky, noisy babies is because he works so hard?  Yesterday, it was pouring rain when Andrew left for work.  He’d already fixed my coffee, fed all of the animals, and helped kids get ready for school.  He ran through the rain to his car and had an hours drive ahead of him before he got to his meeting.

I was still in my jammies, hot coffee in hand.

It must be stressful to have the weight of the financial success of an entire household of people on your own shoulders.  It must be stressful to work all day and then come home to a wife who complains about the stay-at-home day you’ve gifted her.  I’m not saying don’t share your troubles.  It’s a hard gig!  But maybe we could all curb the whining?  Just a bit.


Gratefulness breeds joy.  And I’m betting most of us don’t take the time to say thank you to the man who leaves his home every morning, so we can stay.



4 thoughts on “Let’s All Just Stop Whining.

  1. I have never understood wifely whining either. Even on my toughest days, fact is, there’s no where else I’d rather be and nothing else I’d rather do. That said, it is good to have a confidant (or a journal) to work through troubles and heart aches because they can’t all always just be ignored or immediately offered up.


  2. Amen! There’s a difference between legitimately trying to figure out what the appropriate work-life balance is and just plain whining – social media makes it so easy to whine because there’s ALWAYS somebody willing to commiserate, whether it’s healthy or not. I try to be a voice of reason when I can be, although it’s hard not to sound sanctimonious… But seriously, we’ve been scared about job security before (and heck, it’ll probably always be a fear in the back of my mind) and I’m thankful that my husband works his tail off at EVERYTHING he does in order to provide for our family!


  3. I whine to my husband 🙂 But he, like Andrew, is superman around here. He makes breakfast nearly every morning, works out in the yard on the hottest days (because it’s Georgia and a jungle out there, one weekend can’t be missed), helps bathe the kids, goes to his day job plus works with his home business in the evening. And he does all of that to provide for us and with that allows me to stay home with the kids. He’s a great man.

    But really, a long time ago, before I was even married, I promised myself that I wouldn’t complain/whine about my husband to anyone one, because that’s super unfair to him, you, and your marriage.

    Since I’ve gotten married, I have found that it’s good to have one friend who you can go to and commiserate about family life, but even then I stop short of criticizing my husband.


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