Spring Took a Vacation


It’s still acting like winter here in Indiana.  My kids have given up, tossed their pants to the wind, and decided it is, in fact, the spring it is supposed to be.  They’ve gone on adventures in the woods, helped daddy build a fence, and built bonfires, all the while I whimper about the cold, and hunker down inside.  I really should take a lesson from their care free spirits.


My little tomato seedlings are whimpering along with me.  They want to be in the garden!  They’re doing will inside, for the most part.  They seemed to be getting awfully “leggy”, so I have set up a small fan to act as wind resistance and, hopefully, strengthen their root systems.  Of course, the rest of my household is laughing at this idea, but I am hopeful!


Our no-more-chickens-in-the-flowerbed fence is near completion.  It needs wire at the bottom and children who know how to close a gate.  Not that they close front doors or even the bathroom door, for that matter.  I’d probably have more luck teaching the chickens to close the gate.


10 thoughts on “Spring Took a Vacation

  1. Sarah,
    How big are the pots you’re growing the tomatoes in? I transplant mine into solo cups as soon they get their first set of true leaves and then transplant them into something bigger when the stem is almost the size of a pencil. The roots really grow fast down there and can get rootbound pretty easily in a small space.


  2. Here too! Light jackets one day, then back to winter coats and hats the next couple! Ugh! Come back spring, pretty pretty please!!!!


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