February on the Homestead

Remember when there were leaves on the trees and the soil was warm?  These February days seem to drag on, the warm sunshine a distant memory.  One of my favorite things about living closer to the land is that winter seems to have more purpose.  We need a break for the gardening, a time to step back from mistakes and make plans to start anew.  February on the homestead is a time of seed boxes brought by mailmen, window shelves being prepped to hold seedlings, and gardens drawn and mapped out.  February isn’t quite as dreary, when there are plans to be made.

The mailman should be bringing my seeds today.  After some rough years, I am determined to be successful in the garden this season!  This is my year!  We had some major weed issues last year, which we plan to eradicate by burning before planting this year.  I’m hoping it’s as effective in reality as it is in my brain!

We’ve seen an uptick in egg production in the last few days, as well.  Warmer days are in the forecast and, while I don’t expect them to last, I’m sure the hens will be happy with the reprieve.  And tapping season is just around the corner!  I have spiles to order and buckets to collect.  Bella marked over ten trees last fall, so we are hopeful for success!

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